Abu Dhabi government launches initiative to bring gaming to the Metaverse

With the AD Gaming government initiative, Abu Dhabi strives to become a leading gaming center in the world. The company has recently partnered with AA Meta – a local Metaverse and Web3 development company that provides advanced Web3 solutions to the region’s game development industry. The partnership will, however, help Abu Dhabi’s interactive entertainment and games sector grow.

AD Gaming partners with AA Meta

The AD Gaming platform supports the development of video game developers, players, businesses, and fans. The gaming platform is supported by a number of Abu Dhabi-based state and commercial entities that share a desire to see local gaming creations reach the international stage. Content creators and gamers alike can find solace in this collaborative community, which is united by a common goal of success on global platforms.

With this in mind, AD Gaming has partnered with AA Meta to create cutting-edge gaming experiences using metaverse infrastructure and Web3 technology.

AA Meta employs Web3 technology in its projects and makes it available to other gaming companies. Blockchain gaming and metaverses allow gamers to communicate in more connected worlds while also providing businesses with new payment systems to aid in developing new in-game economic models and innovative methods of delivering immersive experiences globally.

AA Meta, located in Abu Dhabi’s expansive entertainment and media-focused Yas Creative Hub, is proud to partner with AD Gaming for a forward-thinking approach to Web3 solutions. By doing so, powerful possibilities within the rapidly evolving gaming industry will be unlocked, providing access to an advanced metaverse through their collaboration and Web3 environment.

AA Meta intends to boost the local metaverse industry.

AA Meta hopes to expand the local metaverse industry and create job opportunities for those living in the UAE who want to work in this thriving sector by partnering with AD Gaming. The MENA region is a major investor in the global metaverse business, which is expected to generate up to USD 966 billion (AED 3.55 trillion) in revenue by 2030.

AA Meta is laying the groundwork for a blockchain gaming sector in Abu Dhabi with its expert strategies for gaming businesses looking to benefit from Web3 technologies. This innovative form of interactive media offers numerous opportunities for aspiring game industry professionals and gamers worldwide, as well as an entirely new way to “play to earn” within the metaverse.

Thunder Lands, AA Meta’s long-awaited MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), is now available on PC and Android. Thunder Lands not only provides gamers with an exciting gaming experience but can also earn cryptocurrencies as rewards for their in-game activities!

With Thunder Lands’ success, AA Meta intends to leverage its strengths in decentralized apps (DApps) and Game Fi technology to reach over 50,000 active users by Q2 2023. To expand their portfolio and attract more players, they will launch new innovative games that promise the most immersive experience possible.

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