The Importance of Online Privacy and the Solution: Decentralization


“Online Privacy is an extremely important aspect of one’s digital life. There is nothing more valuable than information in this digitalized world and the one with the access to huge amounts of information and processing power will rule the world. This makes online privacy extremely valuable. Let’s explore its importance how decentralization can help in securing the privacy”

The Online Privacy Issues

The tech giants such as Google, Meta (previously Facebook) and many more created revolutionary products and connected billions of people across the world to the internet and to each other. The people are spending half of their life today on the internet and now the world is entering into the metaverse where almost all of a person’s life will be digitized. One issue of the digitalization in a centralized network of computers such as the internet is that it is unable to preserve the online privacy of an individual no matter how secure the network boasts itself to be.

The tech giant’s claims to store the information as well as the search history of a user encrypted but if it is the case, why and how are we targeted with ads that are tailor made as per our search history. The amount of ads that we are bombarded with and the amount of data that we have to provide for accessing the services through the internet is a huge red flag and simply pose risks to our privacy. 

Governments have been exploring ways to limit these power hungry corporate firms, but the amount of resources at their disposal and the amount of data that they have, it is impossible to control them. There needs to be a solution that can help in removing the power from their hands and transferring it to the owner of the data and the owner of the privacy and decentralization is the absolute solution.

The Solution: Decentralization

The growth and the popularity of blockchain technology and especially Bitcoin is the result of the concept of decentralization and the solutions it brings to the financial world. One benefit of a decentralized network is that it is not controlled by any entity and a blockchain alone has the capability of achieving absolute decentralization.

As a decentralized network is not controlled by any central authority or entity like Facebook or Google, it would shift the power of control towards the users. It will be in the hands of the users what information to give and what to conceal. Also, the information in a decentralized blockchain is stored on a distributed public ledger that is tamper proof, thus providing the security as well as quick access of information at the same time.

The decentralized internet is a vision of the future and it is not certain whether it will be achieved or not, but if achieved it will surely be a solution to the problem of privacy that is the need of the hour at the moment.

Disclaimer: The article is just to provide information and shouldn’t be considered as any financial advice. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Photo by – qimono on Pixabay