NFT Collection Drops on eBay

This is the first time the online marketplace has experimented with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The e-commerce giant eBay has entered the NFT space by partnering with OneOf, a Green Web 3 company, to launch a hockey-themed collection.

  • NFT’s Genesis collection of 13 limited-edition digital collectibles has four tiers: green, gold, platinum, and diamond.
  • The official press release said it would feature 3D and animated interpretations of the iconic athletes featured on Sports Illustrated covers over the years.
  • Wayne Gretzky, the legendary Canadian hockey player, will appear in the first one. In a statement, Gretzky said,

“I was thrilled to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated forty years ago, it was a momentous occasion in my life. I’m honored to obtain this collectible experience from my hockey fans who have followed my career for decades.”

  • Moreover, the company stated that each NFT is priced at $10 for the average fan.
  • In her remarks, Dawn Block, Vice President of eBay’s collectibles, electronics, and home business, stated that blockchain technology and NFTs are revolutionizing the collectibles industry and are increasingly perceived as investment opportunities. She added
  • In the United States, eBay ranks second behind Amazon, which has 142 million buyers.
  • As the company looks to capture the GenZ and millennial audiences, CEO Jamie Iannone said the company would soon integrate cryptocurrency payments.
  • Last year, eBay also made it possible to sell non-financial trades for digital collectibles such as video clips, images, and trading cards.