British Crypto Investors Can Now Compensate Losses With Future Profits for Tax: Report

The UK tax authority pledged to improve data collections on investors making profits through crypto investment.

Though Bitcoin touched the 30,000 class after days of intense dumps befalling the crypto market, a big part of investors have since then stayed submerged. The recent market selloff led by Terra and its two native cryptocurrencies plunging in value has wiped out the crypto market’s total revenues attained from 2021.

But for scared investors in Britain experiencing losses, they can now offset them against future profits in tax filings. According to HM Revenue and Customs(HMRC), the non-ministerial branch of the UK Government is accountable for tax collection.

  • Regarding taxation, HMRC said it considers cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in the same way as equities investments, as noted by Yahoo Finance.
  • Director in the private client tax team at Kreston Reeves asserted that investors now no longer have to fret about tax penalties about crypto investments as ‘‘losses can be banked with HMRC and offset against future profits.”
  • The director further explained that the tax authority sees crypto revenues as a type of capital gains with tax payable at 20%. Meanwhile, such losses can be used to offset future growths on capital gains attained from other forms of investments like property.
  • Webster stated that since disposing of some digital assets may cost more than their worth, investors may do nothing to avoid further losses. According to the UK authority, such little value claims can be brought forward indefinitely while staying eligible for future gains offset.
  • For all the UK investors, the annual capital gains allowance sits at £12,300, as this is also applicable for crypto investments. Investors can also give their partner or civil partner assets without activating additional capital-gain tax, which doubles the available tax-free gains each year.
  • Governments worldwide have been doubling up forces preparing tax policies about crypto investment. As noted earlier, the Indian tax authority – the GST council – mulled over the highest 28% GST slab for crypto profits, treating the sector on par with casinos, lottery, gambling, and horse racing, mainly due to the marked speculativeness in digital assets.