Megaverse: Forming a Multichain Ecosystem to Speed up the Metaverse Vision

The metaverse has become an internet trend in recent months, enticing tech lovers from across the globe.
It’s an idea that promises to be more immersive, interactive, and combined than what people are doing on the internet today. It means that the metaverse is a virtual world where people can work, socialize, play, and immerse in other activities just as they do in the real world.

It is true that there are limitless possibilities for Metaverse but it is still far from mass adoption. While there is no single way to access the Metaverse and bring it to mainstream social media users, the Megaverse is creating an ecosystem for a variety of communities across the world to accelerate the growth of the Metaverse.
What is Megaverse?
Megaverse is a polygon-based metaverse platform designed to introduce the metaverse to social media users and the world’s most active global communities.

It strives to bring the vision of the metaverse closer to reality for everyone on the internet. The project plans to accelerate the transition of social media to the Metaverse by converting at least 1 million out of the more than 4.5 billion daily social media users into everyday Metaverse users within the next two years.

Megaverse has a clear direction in making the metaverse about communities. Since the project admits the importance of a community, it prioritizes the demands of the ecosystem’s community.

The Megaverse Token
MEGA is the native token that unifies and powers the wholeMegaDAO ecosystem, with a supply cap of 10 billion tokens. MEGA acts as a governance token, giving holders the power to vote on decisions that can impact the ecosystem’s future.
In February, the project satisfied the presale of its token sale, which was oversubscribed. During the pre-sale period, 2.5% of the total supply was sold for $0.01.

The next stage is the public sale, which will take place at Copper Launch in mid-April. and spread across three separate events known as Series A, B, and C, with a $0 minimum prize.025. This method allocates 7.5% of the total supply to each of the three rounds and allows the Megaverse to constantly raise funds as the project develops and progresses.

To sum up, Megaverse is a project that strives to take the vision of the metaverse up a notch and intends to do so by delivering a range of features.