The new YouTube CEO will be in charge of integrating Web3 technology with NFTs and metaverse

With Neal Mohan as its new CEO, YouTube’s video-sharing service is about to embark on an exciting new phase. Mohan is prepared to introduce cutting-edge Web3 technologies, such as NFTs and the metaverse, with his Web3-friendly vision, building on his reputation for being open-minded about the growth of the internet and its platforms.

Neal Mohan, the Chief Product Officer of YouTube for more than seven years, was recently chosen to replace Susan Wojcicki as CEO of the video-sharing website. Given Mohan’s reputation for maintaining an open mind about the growth of the internet and its platforms, this leadership shift has delighted supporters and proponents of Web3 technologies.

Wojcicki lauded Mohan for his crucial role in introducing new products like YouTube TV and YouTube Music and his comprehension of YouTube’s users, creators, and business communities in a blog post announcing her resignation. Mohan has stated his interest in studying Web3’s potential, which includes blockchain-based applications like NFTs and the metaverse, to help creators strengthen their bonds with fans during his time at YouTube.

According to Mohan, new forms of collaboration between audiences and creators might be made possible by blockchain and NFTs, which would let fans own exclusive content and experiences from their favorite creators. Mohan said that even if the metaverse is still developing, YouTube should increase interactions and give games a more alive feel.

Neal Mohan, the platform’s new CEO, has a vision for YouTube that is Web3 friendly

Google, which owns YouTube, has also demonstrated increased interest in Web3 services in the last year, including the launch of the Blockchain Node Engine, a cloud-based service for Ethereum projects and developers. This service hosts and manages individual nodes that contribute to a blockchain’s network, ensuring high reliability, performance, and security.

Additionally, some prominent YouTube personnel have adopted Web3, such as former Global Head of Gaming Ryan Wyatt, who quit to take the CEO position at Polygon Studios in February 2022. Polygon Studios’ sidechain technology intends to increase Ethereum’s scalability and interoperability.

Although plans to integrate Web3 technologies into YouTube have yet to materialize, the appointment of Neal Mohan as CEO suggests that a renewed push in this direction may be on the way. Mohan’s demonstrated an openness to new technological developments suggests that Web3 initiatives may become a platform priority in the near future.

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