Market value of AI-based crypto assets reaches $4 billion

Artificial intelligence (AI)-related cryptocurrencies have continued to rise over the past month despite a slight decline in mid-February 2023. The total market value of all 74 listed AI-focused tokens exceeds $4 billion now, representing 0.37 percent of all crypto assets.

The number of AI-based cryptocurrencies has grown over the past month

A significant increase in the value of AI-focused tokens this year has been attributed to the prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023. The end of January highlighted the increase in these cryptocurrencies. The AI crypto assets have continued to rise throughout February, despite a minor dip in the middle.

Data from shows 74 AI-focused cryptocurrencies have a market cap of $4.03 billion, making up 0.37% of the overall crypto market and 1.19% of the smart contract token market. Furthermore, the vast majority of the 74 listed AI-related cryptocurrencies have increased in value over the last month.

The Graph (GRT), the largest AI-focused digital currency, currently has a market cap of more than $1.42 billion. GRT has increased in value by 70.57% in the last 30 days when compared to the US dollar. The second-largest AI-focused cryptocurrency asset, Singularitynet (AGIX), has grown 132.67% this month. (FET) has increased by 53.21% in the last 30 days, while Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) has increased by 7.26%. Iexec rlc (RLC), the fifth-largest AI-focused coin, gained 6.29% against the US dollar last month. The top five digital currencies in the $4 billion AI-crypto economy are graph (GRT), singularitynet (AGIX), (FET), ocean protocol (OCEAN), and iexec rlc (RLC), accounting for $2.69 billion, or 67.3%.

This month, a number of AI-based digital currencies saw notable development. The measurable data token (MDT), soared by 124.97%, the alethea artificial liquid intelligence token (ALI), which increased by 30.28%, the phoenix global (PHB), experienced a 23.64% growth, the xmon (XMON), which demonstrated a significant jump of 30.47%, and the singularitydao (SDAO), which increased by an impressive 121.48%, are some of the standout performers.

At the moment, the 74 digital currencies focused on AI have increased by 3.29% in the last 24 hours. However, the overall value of the AI digital currency sector has decreased by 4.33% in the last seven days. In terms of trading volume, the AI digital currency market saw $447.09 million in trades over the last day.

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