‘Marathon’ expands its Miner Deployment deal with ‘Compute North’, Aims to Utilize Renewables to Power 100K+ Miners


  • Mining Operations Expanded by Marathon 
  • Focuses on Eco-mining

A new deal has been announced between a Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin mining-based company, Marathon Digital holdings and Compute North, a data center service provider. The deal is to host more than 100,000 mining machines in the data centers of Compute North. The deal is an expansion of a previous deal that was for hosting 73,000 mining machines in Texas. The new contract secures hosting of all the machines, and usage of renewables to power them.    

Mining Operations Expanded by Marathon 

Marathon, one of the biggest mining organizations in the US, has announced a new partnership with Compute North. This will be an extension of the previous partnership where Compute North was hosting 73K mining machines and now it will host additional 100K mining machines in its data centers. 

Through this partnership, Marathon will now be able to position all its mining machines. Marathon will begin production of Bitcoins, once the miners that were bought from Bitman in August, are installed on the mining machines.  

Focuses on Eco-mining

The most important part of this partnership is the origin of the power required for the mining machines. The power for the mining machines will come from renewable energy sources like solar, wind, etc.

Marathon has also shown intention of buying more mining machines in the coming time. 

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Photo by – geralt on Pixabay