With the Web3 engine, Paima Studios is bridging legacy gaming with Cardano

Paima Studios announced the release of its Web3 gaming engine. Interested developers without Web3 knowledge are invited to contact the company for access.

A new generation of web3 gaming is coming to Cardano

A Web3 engine, such as Unreal Engine, is similar to a game engine, according to Cardano360 co-founder Sebastian Guillemot. Developers can configure and optimize their new game within a pre-existing software architecture, making the process easier and more manageable.

Paima Studio’s Web3 engine works similarly but offers additional features tailored to Web3 gaming, including the possibility to port legacy programming languages, such as Javascript or Unity, into Web3 applications.

Additionally, it has a non-custodial architecture, which means that code exploits do not expose users’ funds to theft.

Further, Guillemot mentioned that NFTs can evolve, enabling a high degree of safety and flexibility in programming.

In order to implement this, he suggested using NFTs as user accounts to store crucial user information, such as wins, losses, history, equipment, etc. Since the user’s information is safely preserved within an NFT, updates, expansions, and game evolution can be implemented without interfering with the user experience.

Furthermore, the Web3 engine supports cross-wallet gameplay, allowing developers to design their game to run on Cardano while remaining compatible with other ecosystem wallets, allowing for a larger potential audience.

Get in touch

This month saw the release of the Paima Studio Web3 engine developer preview. More than 20 businesses have requested access as of this writing, many of which are part of the Cardano ecosystem and “some of which you may know,” according to Guillemot.

However, the co-founder of the business urged other interested parties to make a request for access by using the website’s contact form.

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