Web3 games benefit from Asia’s dominance in the gaming industry

DappRadar claims that Asia is a key market for the implementation of blockchain gaming due to its dominance in the global gaming sector and interest in blockchain technology.

Over 1.7 billion video game players reside in the Asian region, accounting for 55% of global gamers, according to a report released on April 13. As a result, the area generates more than half of all gaming revenue worldwide.

South Korea and Japan lead the adoption of blockchain gaming

62 of the world’s top 100 gaming companies in terms of market capitalization are based in China, Japan, and South Korea, according to DappRadar. According to the article, China has prohibited cryptocurrencies and forbids gaming businesses from incorporating blockchain technology into their games.

On the other hand, gaming companies in Japan and South Korea have been early adopters of blockchain technology in gaming. Sony, for example, recently filed patents on non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Sega just revealed its future blockchain game.

The report included the findings of a survey of 1,030 Japanese men and women ranging in age from their twenties to their seventies. According to the survey, the blockchain gaming business in Japan has a positive outlook, with more than 40% of respondents familiar with blockchain games and more than half have a favorable perception of them.

Visuals and game experience are critical for gamers

The paper also analyzed the global Web3 business, emphasizing the importance of visual quality and game experience for gamers while evaluating new games. These variables were found to be slightly more relevant than others, such as admission price, number of active players, and game economy.

The survey also stressed the significance of airdrops in encouraging gamers to try new games. It stated that airdrops are important and that players anticipate receiving them before beginning a new game.

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