Accept Crypto at Your Business

Main Takeaways

  • Payment pliability is vital when catering to an international customer base.
  • Accepting crypto comes with key interests like low transaction feesthat can give businesses a ruthless advantage.
  • Company Pay offers an easy way to combine and customize cryptopayment tools for your business needs.

Crypto is no longer just a niche asset class but a favoured payment methodgaining traction among small businesses and major commercial
powerhouses alike.

The number of crypto-friendly dealer is growing rapidly, and businessestha aren’t considering these tools are missing out on a notable pool of customers.

How Crypto Can Help Your Business

Compared to conventional payment rails, accepting crypto offers somebenefits, including lower business fees and new customers that previouslyweren’t reachable.

Every credit card swipe charges a small cut, around 1.5% to 3.5%of thebusiness. For small businesses, this can snowball into a substantial sum. Besides credit cards, major payment gateways like PayPal charge closeto4%per business. On the other hand, crypto payments require notably lower
processing fees — typically around 1% if your company uses a cryptopaymentassociate.

Customers who want to pay in crypto won’t need a bank account or acredit card if they wish to acquire your products. This means your businesscanreach crypto users world that are unbanked or have little access totraditional economic services.

The process may initially seem complex for business owners newtocrypto. For instance, implementing a poorly-designed API may hamper your daily functioning, while some providers charge high transaction fees that can eat away your returns.

Our API is simple and easy to combine, and we offer some of the lowest transaction fees in the market.

Start Getting Paid in Crypto, Logically

From low fees to being home to the world’s largest crypto section, CompanyPay is the preferred option for merchants who want to growtheir businesseswith crypto.

As of July 2022, Company Pay is helping over 6000 merchants accept cryptopayments from some 11 million users.

Compelling Tools Designed toScaleYourPayments

  1. Payment APIs for customizability Design your own checkout experience by building directly. Choose what youwant your front-end interplay to feel like to your customers.
  2. Mobile app support Upon combination, your customers can choose from over 50 cryptocurrenciesto pay you anywhere they are, right from their mobile phones.
  3. Simplified checkout page unification Using our solution allows you to accept crypto immediately insteadof
    spending time generate your own page. Moreover, our checkout pagestatically adapts to your customer’s device to increase sales conversion.
  4. Shareable payment links Your customers can click on the link and be automatically deflect totheCompany-hosted checkout page
  5. Access to the app Instead of selling on your platform, why not hold the power of the Companyecosystem? Host your business straight within the app and gain worldwide submission to millions of users. Because you’re generating your ownprogram, you can choose how you want it to look and justification

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