Crypto Diggers Face Margin Calls, Biking as Debt Comes Due in Bear Market

Private and publicly listed crypto miners owe up to $4 billion in debt used to finance the construction of enormous


Bitcoin diggers prepare for belt-tightening as profitability drops drastically

The latest weekly report by Glassnode shows that Bitcoin miners’ incomes are 61% lower than their yearly average. The Puell

As USDD's algorithmic stablecoin catches speed

As USDD’s algorithmic stablecoin catches speed, TRON TVL soars to $6 billion

Despite USDD algorithmic stablecoin’s market cap exceeding $600 million, Tron’s total value locked (TVL) reaches $6B. Tron’s algorithmic stablecoin –

NFT Collection Drops on eBay

NFT Collection Drops on eBay

This is the first time the online marketplace has experimented with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The e-commerce giant eBay has entered


NVIDIA Fined $5.5M for Vague Disclosures in Cryptomining: SEC

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged NVIDIA with inadequate exposure about the role of crypto mining in the company’s gaming


Megaverse: Forming a Multichain Ecosystem to Speed up the Metaverse Vision

The metaverse has become an internet trend in recent months, enticing tech lovers from across the globe.It’s an idea that